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    The rich:scrollableDataTable has some problems with s:button

    WANG Chi Newbie

      Hello, I use rich:scrollableDataTable to track a number of rows selection:

      <rich:scrollableDataTable value="#{blacklist.allBlackList}" var="blacklistItem" rowClasses="odd,even" columnClasses="msisdn,begin_date,end_date" rows="0" width="530px" height="500px" sortMode="single" selectedClass="selected" rowKeyVar="id" 
      <s:button action="#{blacklistScrollerBean.deleteSelection}" value="Delete" />

      In above tags I configured the selection attribute, when I use a s:button to submit the form, the blacklistScrollerBean.setSelection is not called, but when I change s:button to h:commandButton, it works successfully. Does scrollableDataTable has some problems with s:button? thanks a lot.