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    Page definition being ignored

    John Ament Master

      I'm seeing something weird, with one page only.  Doesnt matter where in pages.xml is defined (so no issue w/ precedence order) and no changes depending on where the file is actually.

      Environment: Seam 2.1

      Here's the entry in pages.xml

              <page view-id="/main/handle.xhtml">
                      <param name="hashcode" value="#{accessHandler.hashcode}"/>
                      <rewrite pattern="/validate/{hashcode}"/>

      Here's accessHandler:

      public class AccessHandleManager {
              @In(required=false) String hashcode;

      other code ignored for now.  i've tried it with both explicit and implicit accessors.  No errors show up, just doesn't work.  I can access it directly but it doesn't take the get parameter i pass in.  accessing it via url rewrite is returning a 404.