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    How to have 2 inputTexts and ONE s:message?

    Dean Hiller Expert

      Let's say I have 2 input texts for a decimal number like so

      123 . 456

      I am using an s:message in decorator for the first one and a h:message for the second one since it is in the same decorator.  When I get an error on both, it displays two errors and I would only like it to display the first error.  I was thinking of using facesMessages.addToControl and doing validation in the action method instead for the second field(by the first field validation has passed).  The problem is that I have a whole table of these things.  I tried using the id in the html inserting the index myself like so...


      This did not work.  When I use just rate2 as the id, then it misses the critical i above for the index of which one is incorrect.  Is there any way to do this?