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    SeamTest invokeMethod with parameters besides primitives

    Matt Davis Newbie

      There has to be a way to do this, right? The line is something like this:

      I dug into the SeamTest code and there a bunch of inner classes and javax.el.MethodExpression objects... and I ran away.

      I am hoping this is such a common question that there is an easy way to do it... all the examples show methods that have no parameters, which scares me.

      This works ok:


      But what about complex arguments? Is this typically not done when using Seam with JSF? I'm using it with Flex and Granite, so maybe I'm just doing things weird.

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          Matt Nirgue Newbie

          Hi Matt

          if you want to invoke methods with parameter(s) you need to get your component first then use it to call your method... Here's an example:

          RegistrationBean registrationBean = (RegistrationBean) getInstance("registrationBean");
          //RegistrationBean registrationBean = (RegistrationBean) getInstance(RegistrationBean.class);
          //RegistrationBean registrationBean = (RegistrationBean) getValue("#{registrationBean}");
          registrationBean.deleteAccount(0, "test", yourNonPrimitiveObject, null);

          Hope this helps you... :)