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    Restricting an action to perform before task completion.

    Ambrish Singh Newbie
      Hi All,

      I have a SFSB (InventoryManagementAction.java) in which one method is marked with

      @CreateProcess(name = "InventoryManagement")
      public void someMethod(){

      the above method creates a products. Now in the same SFSB (above) I want to add this product into cart but before this the product should be approved by the admins.

      The approval is handled by the InventoryManagement process definition, which has a task node "approval".

      Now the question is that how Can I know that the "approval" task node is processed successfully. Because the decision of adding product into cart depends on whether the product is approved or not. If yes, then it should be added into the cart otherwise a message will display , which indicate that the product should be approved by the admins first.