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    Passing and ID via ajax commandlink in datatable or repeat

    Duncan Stockdill Newbie

      Is there an easy way in Seam to pass the id of an item through an ajax commandlink action in a repeating section. e.g.

      <ui:repeat value="#{someList}" var="item">
        <a:commandLink value="edit" action="#{someBean.loadFromId(item.id)}" reRender="editDiv"

      JSF mangles this so rather than simply call the action with the ID as parameter, it submits a component identifier.  This is failing for me in some cases because I don't have the list available in a session/page scope.  Is there a way to get the id through directly?  I need JSF to rerender the resulting item that I bring into scope, so I can't use Seam remoting for this.