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    seam param passing problem

    Gábor Sift Newbie

      Error message is this:

      22:20:07,875 WARN  [Param] could not create converter for: userId

      Menu bean:

      public class SsMenu {
           @In Identity identity;
           public String doEditUser() {
                return "editUser";


                          <s:link action="#{senseMenu.doEditUser}" value="#{identity.username}"
                               rendered="#{identity.loggedIn}" propagation="none" >
                               <f:param name="userId" value="#{currentUserId}" />



                 <rule if-outcome\="editUser">
                      <redirect view-id\="/editUser.xhtml">
                           <param name\="userId" value\="#{currentUserId}"/>

      Link shown in Firefox:


      So as you can see it in the link above the first part is perfect.. userId=1
      But what's that actionmethod thingie doing there at all? Or at least without the userId param?
      What am I doing wrong?! :(