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    ServletRedirector call with cookies?

    Manfred Maelzer Newbie


      I have to enable the JSFUnit within an SSO environment. Unfortunately it is an ISAPI filter which checks for the existance (and correct value) of the sso related cookie.

      I was able to have the test cases run correctly, by setting the cookie in the begin() method ...

      But: after the test cases have been run, cactus calls its ServletRedirector


      This again is a new session - so the prior cookie that was set, is not existing in this session - this means, the ISAPI filter redirects the incoming call to that URL ... to the login page ...

      Is there any way to set the cookie value prior to calling the servletredirector? Or can this be configured to reuse the prior test-session with the correct cookies?

      Unfortunately it does not help working with normal filters, as these will not executed... as the isapi filter is the very first