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    Using Seam without any database dependencies



      I've tried to use Seam without any dependencies on JPA/EJB/Hibernate/JTA/.. and so on, because I don't have any backend that depends on a database or any other storage, but for so far I was not able to make this work.

      In our system we only have to make Webservice calls, that retrieve pojos or send data back to the backend that takes care for the CRUD on the database and ldap.

      However, what seems to work is Hibernate Validations on Seam components without @Entity marked on the pojos. This is great, since I can use these validations on my JSF page.

      I was wondering if someone knows whether Seam can be set up without any database dependency at all.

      The reason why I want to use Seam is, because of its additions on JSF like the conversation scope, page navigation and other things in general like security, bijection, reporting support and so on.