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    Missing library in Seam 2.1.1.CR1

    Romain Cherchi Newbie

      Hi guys,

      I'm migrating from Seam 1.2.1.GA to Seam 2.1.1.CR1.

      In 1.2.1.GA I used to hash my user passwords before storing them in the database. I did it with this method :

      import org.jboss.security.Util; // In jboss-ejb3-all.jar (Seam 1.2.1.GA)
      public static String hashPassword(String str) {
            String hashedPassword = Util.createPasswordHash("MD5",
            Util.BASE64_ENCODING, null, null, str);
            return hashedPassword;

      In Seam 2.1.1.CR1, I can't find org.jboss.security.Util. I tried to include jboss-ejb3-all.jar in my project but it doesn't boot.

      Do you know in what library is org.jboss.security.Util in Seam 2.1.1.CR1 ?

      Thanks for your help.