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    How to pass parameters to the invoking JSF page in JsfUnit f

    Pankaj Rode Newbie

      Hi All,

      If any one can tell me, how I can pass send the request data to invoking jsp in JSFJunit framework.

      I am doing the foloowing

      JSFClientSession client = new JSFClientSession("/faces/abc.jsp");

      I want to send the request parametrs along with this request.

      Thank you in Advance!!

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          Manfred Maelzer Newbie

          I think one method could be

          new JSFClientSession("/faces/abc.jsp?param1=value1&param2=value2")

          OR ...

          add either
          public void begin(WebRequest request) {}
          public void beginTestXXX(WebRequest request) {}

          you can put cookies or parameters into the webrequest ...

          Keep in mind that - in case you use instance attributes within the test class - those are probably not available in the begin methods. The class is being invoked twice. Begin- and end-methods are on "client" side, the setup and test methods are on "server" side.