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    Problem with Resteasy integration and SeamResourceServlet

    Rafal Hajdacki Newbie


      Currently Resteasy is integreted into Seam by means of SeamResourceServlet. Therefore JAX-RS resources are served under URL path that is configured for this servlet. This if problematic if one wants to serve RESTful services from other path than normal Seam resources (images, css etc).

      Are there any plans to support serving JAX-RS resources under path different than specified for SeamResourceServlet or even with no path at all?

      Besides SeamResourceServlet path, JAX-RS resource path is also additionally prefixed by resource-path-prefix (defaults to rest). Are there any plans to add configuration for disabling this prefix?

      Current state of path configuration for JAX-RS resources is a showstopper IMHO because one have to serve them under "SeamResourceServlet path + resource-path-prefix" prefix and in the same time you cannot change SeamResourceServlet path to something different than "/seam/resource" because there are elements in Seam (like for example s:graphicImage tag) that have default path hardcoded and breaks when it is changed.

      Rafal Hajdacki