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    JSF customer validation using a:support

    Daniel Tan Newbie


      I am a newbie in SEAM, having picked it up just about 2 weeks.  I have been developing using STRUTS and JSP.

      I need help in the area of validating an input field against a database.  So far as I have read, the validation in Seam is mostly declared at the annotation level in the Entity beans.  Is there any way to add in custom code so that I can validate an input field against a database or against another input field.

      I have look through the topics in this forum and havent come across any with similar case.  If you know of similar topics already discuss (which I may have overlooked), please point me to that topic.

      I appreciate any help given.  I really want to move out of STRUTS into SEAM but there are some few challenges I need to overcome first and one of them is this.

      Daniel Tan