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    Seam for JSF & Netbeans user

    Francis Drake Newbie


        I test Seam framework from few days as I would like to re-create my web app using it. It looks very nice, however beggining is a bit difficult for Netbeans user. My current application has been built completetly using JSF technology in NB. I have downloaded NB plugin for Seam to ease my work a little, however I still can't get a kicker. Could someone please answer few my questions, as I am still not completely convinced about Seam being right framework for my usage:

      - I have a web application accessed frequently by about 30,000 users and it very often works under big load (lots of database reads and transactions) - I guess by using EJB Seam does not get frightened of this?

      - The model, as I look at project structure in Netbeans, I am not sure where I should put my java code. I have one root package, but it is called 'tests'. Any new I add goes under it. Does it mean all the business code should be in session beans?

      - My EJB 2.1 (I want to upgrade to 3.0) are being accessed by 4-5 web applications, all the tutorials I have seam used beans created in given application. I assume it is possible to use stand-alone beans anyway? What about 2.1 and 3.0 being used together?

      - Using NB, I guess I have to add each library/jar file manually to config files?

      Thanks in advance for answering at least some of the questions ;)