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    Using s:link to open page in a new browser window to tab

    akearns Newbie

      I would like my application to create a new browser window in which I display a report.
      I believe I should be using:

      <s:link target="new" value="view" onclick="window.open(null, 'jsWinId', 'width=600,height=800')" view="/main4.xhtml"/>

      So this opens a new browser window; but if a click the link in a different location while that
      window is still up; I do not get another window. It replaces the current content of the window.
      I actually wanted another window.

      main4.xhtml is simplitic - it just puts up a label.

      Currently I put the report into a non-modal popup window, however this is not what we want the app to do.
      We want one or more reports visible in n windows (I'll limit n)

      I have looked at the examples and documentation but cannot find what I think I want; any help would be appreciated.