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    Problem deleting with EntityHome

    Matt Rauls Newbie

      I am having some difficulties with deleting items using EntityHome. If someone can offer some ideas as to what is going on here I would appreciate it. What I am trying to do is pass an id to the entity home (which is happening) and then I expect it to delete that entity (which is not happening).

      It seems to call the delete method, and I actually get this message back:

      13:35:52,566 INFO  [DefaultDeleteEventListener] handling transient entity in delete processing
      13:35:52,566 WARN  [PermissionManager] no permission store available - please install a PermissionStore with the name 'org.jboss.seam.security.jpaPermissionStore' if permission management is required.
      13:35:52,566 INFO  [BloodUnitHome] BloodUnitHome.getId, bloodUnitId = 7
      13:35:52,583 INFO  [BloodUnitHome] BloodUnitHome.remove, response = removed

      ...but when I check the database nothing is actually deleted

      I suspect this is telling me that I am deleting a temporary, transient entity. But I thought that passing the id to home and modifying the getId method automatically indicated to the home that this was an existing object. What am I not understanding/missing about this?


      public class BloodUnitHome extends EntityHome<BloodUnit>
          Long bloodUnitId;
          public Object getId()
          log.info("BloodUnitHome.getId, bloodUnitId = " + bloodUnitId );
               if (bloodUnitId == null)
                  return super.getId();
                  return bloodUnitId;

      XHTML Page:

           id="bloodUnitList" var="bloodUnit"
           value="#{bloodUnitList.resultList}" sortMode="multi"
           rendered="#{not empty bloodUnitList.resultList}" rows="10">
           <rich:column rendered="#{s:hasPermission('blood.entry', 'delete')}">
                <a4j:commandLink id="delete" value="Delete"
                     action="#{bloodUnitHome.remove}" immediate="true" styleClass="smalltext">
                     <f:param name="bloodUnitId" value="#{bloodUnit.id}"/>
                     <a4j:support event="onviewactivated"
                          reRender="bloodUnitList,messages" />