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    split application war in multiple files

    Sascha Janz Master

      is it possible to split the seam application war into multiple files?

      i got one application for serveral customers and i want to seperate custom specific code and seam pages into seperate files, so if something changes i only have to deploy the customer specific things and not the whole application.

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          Fabian Hohm Newbie

          I have similar issues with my web files.
          I have an (ear) application that has to be customized for different customers. In the ejb, I use the @Install tags to override the default classes, which works quite well.

          I'd like to use the same functionality for the xhtml files: Having the default xhtml files in one war file and just the ones that I need to override in a second war.
          For example, if a user browses to /modul/home.seam, the application should look in the second war if there is a /modul/home.xhtml and use that one if it exists. If not, it should take the one in the default war file.

          Is something like that possible and how do I accomplish that?