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    wiki example, how does flush occur in UserPasswordReset

    Vanessa Williams Newbie


      I am attempting to follow some of the examples while developing my application. I have a question about how a dirty object gets flushed in one place in the wiki example.

      Specifically, in the UserPasswordReset.java class we find this:

      user.setActivationCode( ((Hash)Component.getInstance(Hash.class)).hash(seed) );
      // TODO: Flush by side effect?

      Nowhere in the conversation is this user object updated via the userHome component (in this case, it is not the user object being managed by userHome), or otherwise flushed with entityManager.flush(). At least not that I can detect. The comment suggests that there is something questionable about the updating of this object.

      Does anyone know what actually happens here?

      Thanks in advance for any help.