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    Issues with 2 WARs packaged inside an EAR

    Rend D Newbie

      Hi. I've have 2 WARs packged inside one EAR. This packaging structure has worked well up until my recent upgrade from seam 2.0.2.SP1 to 2.1.1.GA.

      I'm running into two issues:

      1. Seam Authentication does not work. The login method configured in the second WAR's components.xml file is invoked for login attempts from either webapp.

      This problem disappears if I comment out the “Seam Filter” from the web.xml files in both WARs.


      2. The classloader that scans for view (.xhtml) files cannot see the xhtml files in one of the WARs This produces errors when .page.xml files are scanned.


      I've included sample EARs that demonstrate both issues.

      Both of these issues are blocking my project's migration to Seam 2.1.1. Any chance that either of these can be resolved or worked around with a configuration change? The documentation and examples do not address the 2-WARs-in-an-EAR case, anyone have any experience in this area that would help?