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    Page parameters propagation DELAY

    Haibo Qiao Newbie
      Dear All,

      In my *.page.xml, I define 3 page parameters as:

         <param name="doorType" value="#{scDoorOrder.doorType}"/>
         <param name="doorId" value="#{scDoorOrder.doorId}"/>
         <param name="template" value="#{scDoorOrder.template}"/>
         <action execute="#{scDoorOrder.onLoad}"/>

      and in scDoorOrder I have bijection methods:

          public Door getCurrentDoor(){
              //fetch a door using the 'doorId' from page parameter
              return currentDoor;
          public void setCurrentDoor(Door currentDoor){
              this.currentDoor = currentDoor;

      I found that, those page parameters are being propagated in the order I defined in page.xml, and there is delay in between. In my getter method, I always find doorType propagated, but doorId is not. However 'doorId' value will get applied a while later.

      It's true that, parameters are all applied by the time page action is called. But the bijection getter setter were called before the page action. Therefore, I got ugly exceptions.

      Anyone, please help.