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    s:link inside datatable and parameter

    Matthieu Guyonnet-Duluc Newbie


      I try to add an s:link inside a richfaces datatable which opens a new window (or new tab) by calling a action with an object as parameter

      Here's my datatable :

      <rich:column headerClass="caption">
                       <f:facet name="header"></f:facet>
                       <h:commandLink id="lienModifierCompte" target="_blank" 
                       <s:link id="lienCréerCompte" 
      action="#{creationCompte.initCreationCompte(dossier)}" value="créer"/>                                

      My search bean as the list as DataModel :

      public class RecherchePersonneBean implements RecherchePersonne {
           private DifSF service;
            * Collection résultat
           private List<Dossier> dossierResultats;

      And the bean called by the s:link :

      public void initCreationCompte(Dossier dossier) {
        currentDossierDIF = dossier;          

      The h:commandlink works but the dossier parameter of the s:link is always null. I've seen the booking example and it seems to be the same as my requirement but I can't find my problem. When I execute the booking sample one difference is the href generated, the dataModelSelection argument is missing in the URL generated in my datatable but I don't see where does it come, the bean HotelSearchingAction defined only a DataModel (the search result list) but no dataselectionmodel.


      and mine is :


      The Dossier class is a POJO from a jar library, it's not a component defined.

      I've seen this thread (http://seamframework.org/Community/ConversationLifecycleQuestion ) with the same problem.