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    EL expressions evaluates to ":el1"

    Albert Scholtz Newbie
      I have the following inside a class extending EntityQuery

      private static final String[] RESTRICTIONS = {
              "virginPartnerHandsets.price > #{virginPartnerHandsetsList.virginPartnerHandsets.price}",

      private VirginPartnerHandsets virginPartnerHandsets = new VirginPartnerHandsets();

      public String getEjbql() {
              return "select virginPartnerHandsets from VirginPartnerHandsets virginPartnerHandsets";

      My end sql statement that results from this is:

      'select PartnerHandsets from PartnerHandsets partnerHandsets where partnerHandsets.price > :el1'

      It should be price > 7000 for ex.

      Any help will be appreciated.
      Albert Scholtz