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    proper organizing of tests

    Wiktor Gworek Newbie


      Does anyone know how to organize test that I would have when invoking ServletTestRunner?suite=my.WebUITestSuite&xsl=cactus-report.xsl

       * testRendered
       * testNoUsers
       * testBadCredentials
       * testRememberPassword

      Currently I got:
      public class WebUITestSuite extends ServletTestCase
       public static Test suite()
       TestSuite testSuite = new TestSuite();
       return testSuite;

      and UserListTest and SecurityFilterTest are simple classes that extend ServletTestCase. And after invoking the test URL all methods I can see
      TestCase my.WebUITestSuite
      * testA
      * testB
      * all methods from test are mixed here together

      I know that this is connected with JUnit organization but any help will be appriciated :).