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    CacheProvider null when injected

    Troy Sellers Newbie

      Hi All,

      I am trying to include the jboss pojo cache into my Seam project and am having some trouble getting this to work.

      I inject the cache into a Conversation scoped object

      private CacheProvider<PojoCache> cacheProvider;

      which is confgured in the components.xml as

      <cache:jboss-pojo-cache-provider />

      I have placed the jbosscache-core-3.0.jar and jbosscache-pojo-3.0.jar on the classpath.

      When the component that is looking for the cacheProvider is instantiated it throws the following error

      org.jboss.seam.RequiredException: @In attribute requires non-null value: menu.cacheProvider

      Can anyone point me to some docs that explain how to set this up properly?

      JBoss 4.3 EAP
      Seam 2.1.0.SP1
      Java 1.5