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    Question about interceptor

    Pascal Cohen Newbie

      I am currently reading the Seam In Action book and I would like to say how much I appreciate the clarity of that book and the way Seam is well designed.
      I did not practice much until now but the few tests I made until now were really a pleasure.

      My question is related to interceptors (in fact both EJB3 and Seam interceptors):

      Unless I misunderstood something, in any case there is either an @Interceptor annotation for J2EE interceptor or a user defined annotation for Seam interceptor(see page 258 of the book) in the targeted component.

      I have been using intensively Spring and concerning the aspect, you do not have to modify the target POJO as you may define either in XML or with annotation in the Aspect the rules saying which POJOs (and methods) are wrapped with the aspect.

      This is of course not a big deal but in my opinion it creates a kind of coupling between the component and the aspects applied on it which is not desirable.

      Thanks for advice