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    Update the Master Page when the Details are modified.

    Mario Scalas Newbie

      Hi all,
        I've got a problem with page flow navigation: I've implemented a Master-Details page flow.

      (Master.xhtml has a header + a data table displaying a List\<Detail\> Detail.xhtml only a header)

      1. from Master.xhtml -> Add New Detail Row [Detail.xhtml loads and open, user fills the fields]

      2. To save new instance, the DetailHome.save() action method is invoked (in WEB-INF/pages.xml the returned value will redirect to Master.xhtml) [Master.xhtml shows up]

      The problem is that the dataTable in the Master.xhtml is not updated (with the new detail object, while it has been changed)! Before I start rewriting all of my code, is this possible in SEAM? Is it a JSF issue? It's just me missing something obvious?

      Thanks for any hint!