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    Many-to-many in seam 2.1.1

    luca gioppo Novice

      I'm trying to create an application with two simple entity that are movie and person these are relate so that a movie can have one or more person as actor and one or more person as director.
      I use the CLI scripts to generate the project from DB (my intent is to test the reverse eng feature).
      I find 2 problems:
      1) the movie get a tab for actor and one tor actor1 (same with director); this is wrong I should get a single tab representing the detail view of the actors working in the movie
      2) there is a actor
      movieList coming from the reference table used to represent the many-to-many association; this is unpleasant since I do not want to have evidence of the association table but expect that seam manage it transparently.

      Is there something wrong in that I'm doing or are there some bugs around?

      I'm using jdevstudio 2 beta1, but should be uninfluent since I create the projects with seam scripts.