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    Doubt with Seam-managed EJB

    Pedro Sena Newbie

      I'm designing a very large application.

      I divided the solution in three parts, where:

      ClientA (access) Core
      ClientB (access) Core

      ClientA, ClientB and Core are three different application, so far so good.

      In my core application I'm using EJB and Seam. But today I saw this in documentation:

      Seam stateful session bean components may be instantiated using Component.getInstance() or @In(create=true). They should not be directly instantiated via JNDI lookup or the new operator.

      Now my question:

      How should I access my remote EJB, that is in another application w/o making a lookup ?

      Should I avoid Seam in my Core app ?

      Thanks in advance,

      Pedro Sena