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    url rewrite advanced

    Dean Hiller Expert

      I wanted my users to be able to go to url's like this directly

      etc. etc.

      <company> is a variable and I need to know what the user typed in.

      and when a request comes in, every page needs to load the company(since the user might have typed the url in himself).  Is there a good pattern to solve this problem in seam?  I have been hacking at this problem but most of the time have failed at coming up with a good pattern here.  It especially screws up on posts as sometimes the params are lost making url rewrites hard as there is no company as a param.  Any ideas on a good pattern to do this?

      currently I have ?company=<company> and I use urlrewriter, but this is not working out so well as sometimes seam loses that parameter for some reason(and I have not been able to figure out why).