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    Embeddable object and JSF; what am I doing wrong?

    Chris Simons Expert

      All -
      I'm trying to implement a simple embeddable object (EAddress) and store it an entity (Event).

      The problem occurs when I try to then reference this EAddress object from Event, like so: #{cvEvent.address.primaryAddressLine}.

      The exception is that No entity found for query.  I've tried a number of things, including adding implements Serializable onto Address, and also instantiating EAddress when a new Event is created.  I continue to receive the same error.  I should mention that EAddress contains some relationships, which I understand are supported with Hibernate/JPA.

      Here is some source code; thanks for your time.

      public class EAddress implements Serializable
          //private Long id;
          /** the type of address **/
          private AdminValue addressType;
          /** primary street address **/
          private String primaryAddressLine;
          /** secondary address line, usually used for apartments, condos, etc. **/
          private String secondaryAddressLine;
          /** Post Office Box, if applicable **/
          private String postOfficeBox;
          /** city **/
          private String city;
          /** U.S. state, if applicable **/
          private AdminValue state;
          private AdminValue country;
          private String zipCode;
          private String county;

        query="from Event e where e.parentEvent.id=:pParentEventId and e.active=true order by e.eventName")
      public class Event implements Serializable
          /** A test embeddable Address object **/
          private EAddress address = new EAddress();
       // .. code .. //
          public EAddress getAddress()
              return address;
          public void setAddress(EAddress address)
              this.address = address;