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    Wicket & webservices, both Lifecycle.endRequest -> problems

    Sander S Newbie

      I'm running into a problem when using wicket and webservices together.

      The problem is that the RequestSOAPHandler is 'nested' in the filter chain of the wicket filter. When the SOAPHandler does: Lifecycle.endRequest(); it destroys the contexts.

      This is normally not a problem, however the WicketFilter also tries to end the lifecycle after the soaphandler. When it does that it tries to get the manager instance. It fails here because the wicketfilter cannot retrieve the manager as it trows exceptions since the contexts are gone.

      I'm not sure whether to put this as a bug in JIRA, so I wanted to place it on the forum first.

      Currently I modified the soaphandler not to close the lifecycle but this is not a good solution as it only works together with wicketfilter and both still open the lifecycle

      Any thoughts on how to solve this ??