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    Seam adds unwanted conversationId to URL

    Matthias van der Vlies Newbie

      I'm doing a project in seam that requires restful URLs. I have a view that is mapped to /group/{group}/{locale}. On that page I have a list of so called messages. Each message has a button to save changes to the message. This is linked to an action bean like this:

      <h:commandButton type="submit" value="Save Changes" action="#{groupAction.update}" />

      Each message has an anchor, so /group/{group}/{locale}#{id} can be used to make the browser go to that anchor. This is why I need a redirect after the POST:

      <page view-id="/group.xhtml">
        <rewrite pattern="/group/{group}/{locale}"/>
        <param name="group" value="#{groupAction.group}"/>
        <param name="locale" value="#{groupAction.locale}"/>
        <navigation from-action="#{groupAction.update}">
          <redirect view-id="/group.xhtml?group=#{group}&locale=#{locale}##{id}"/>

      Also I have the following redirect rule (UrlRewriteFilter) to get to the proper RESTful URL:

        <to type="temporary-redirect" last="true">/group/$1/$2#$3</to>

      I try to strip the conversationId here. This has been tested an works. However seam still  appends a ?conversationId={cid}. So what's the problem? Well, imagine a URL like /group/{group}/{locale}#{id}?conversationId={cid}. Oviously the browser doesn't like this and will not automatically go to that anchor.

      I did some research and discovered my problem in the seam documentation: Conversation propagation with redirects

      This filter allows Seam to propagate the conversation context across browser redirects. It intercepts any browser redirects and adds a request parameter that specifies the Seam conversation identifier. The redirect filter will process all requests by default, but this behavior can also be adjusted in components.xml:

      <web:redirect-filter url-pattern="*.seam"/>

      So I disabled the filter using the following snippet in my components.xml:

      <web:redirect-filter disabled="true" installed="false" />

      However I still get the ?conversationID={cid} on the URL.