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    Seam Derby and Glassfish

    Kem Elbrader Newbie

      In chapter 39 of the Seam documentation it mentions that GlassFishDerbyDialect.class is a hack to get around a Derby bug in GlassFish server What is this referring to? Can anyone give me a reference to more information about this issue.

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          Darrell Swain Newbie

          We could use some direction from Seam on this as well. Could someone from Seam specify why this hack is necessary or at least point us at the source for this code?

          We have found problems with the GlassFishDerbyDialect.class that are not in hibernate's built in derby dialect (org.hibernate.dialect.DerbyDialect). We read the same recommendation in Chapter 39 which lead us to using GlassFishDerbyDialect.class but immediately experience problems. For example a nested select statement could not refer to a join that was outside of the nested statement. We also had a problem when we used named parameters.

          Any information is appreciated.