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    Putting jpa entities in BUSINESS_PROCESS scope

    Erik Bakstad Newbie

      Hi, I've been using seam for a while now, but just started looking at the jBPM integration. When reading Practical Jboss Seam Projects I came across a discussion about storing JPA(EJB3)entities in the process context.

      The book says that there is two problems with this approach:

      1) jBPM uses the hibernate xml mapping and can't use JPA annotations
      2) if we write our own hibernate to jpa mapping there could still be problems

      but this could be fairly risky, because we’re concurrently
      running two persistence engines (our EJB 3.0 container and the Hibernate
      runtime) against the same database tables, using the same Java objects.

      Since the book came out in 2007 I was wondering if this is still the case? If so, is there any workarounds?