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    HTML Entity instead of UTF8

    kabil akpınar Newbie
      Hi All,
      I have rendering problem with seam-gen generated files. The generated files contain special non-english characters. These special characters are displayed as html entities. But I want them to appear as UTF-8.

      Originally files are encoded in UTF-8, xhtml files, page files, and java source files. I set up filter, URIencoding etc properties to utf-8 but no luck, I still get html entities.

      Problem starts at mysql table names, which contain turkish characters. So generation outputs html entities like ç

      Html entities becomes problem because generated links also contain html entities, so link does not work as expected and 404 page comes up.

      I ask, where the xhtml files are converted to simple html and non-english characters converted to html entity characters, how can I prevent this attribute?