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    parent and nested conversation, explanation needed

    Matthieu Guyonnet-Duluc Newbie


      I hit a problem with a nested conversation (http://www.seamframework.org/Community/OutAndObserver) and I try to find my answer in the documentation but I can't find the right explanation.

      I've 2 stateful beans, with a property injected and outjected. The second one is called during a nested conversation. Here's the code:

      public class FirstBean implements First {
           @In(required=false) @Out
           private Property prop;
           public void  begin(String id) {
                prop = initProp(...);     

      If I unterstand correctly, prop will be oujected in the conversation context (here the parent one) ?

      In my page I got a s:link to begin a nested conversation ( propagation nest ). And when user click on a commandButton inside this page I call the second stateful bean :

      public class SecondBean implements Second{
           @In @Out
           private Property prop;
              public void update() {
                prop = update(...);

      Here after the update method, the prop is oujected but where ? in the nested conversation or the parent conversation ?

      In the page rendered after the update() method I see the prop updated but if I refresh the page I see the old prop from the First bean.
      If I display the Seam debug page and list the variables of the conversation I see the old prop.

      If I resume I got this :

      FirstBean.begin(id) => page1.xhtml with prop(ParentConversation)

      => s:link , nested begin => page2.xhtml button

      => SecondBean.update() with injected prop(Parent) oujected as prop(Nested)

      => nested conversation ended => page1.xhtml displayed with prop (Nested)

      => refresh page1 I got prop (Parent)

      If I change the @End annotation to add beforeRedirect=true, I see page1.xhtml with prop(Parent)

      How can I refresh the prop in the parent conversation ?