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    Seam flushes old entities

    Kristoffer T Newbie

      A bunch of conversation- and session-scoped components have a regular session-scoped entity injected and outjected.
      The conversation works as it should and during a final step in the conversation the entity is flushed, manually, and also refreshed.
      When returning to a view that is backed by another component then the one that saved and flushed the entity, seam triggers a new flush of the entity but this time with the OLD entity, that was last outjected from the very same view-backing-component.

      How is this possible?
      It seems that if seam actually does not propagate the flushed and refreshed entity out properly.
      How can one see which actual component that triggers this flush? Or what event that triggers it? And where this old entity resides?
      This is a VERY serious problem since the DB (and the HS-index) gets updated with stale data right after a correct persist/flush.

      PLEASE anyone, shed some light!