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    Captcha and Ajax forms

    demetrio812 Apprentice

      I tried the example of the captcha and it worked very well in a normal form, now I have 2 problems:

      I'm implementing it in an ajax way using a:commandButton to submit the form and it seems it is not working after a lot of tries, here there is the code:

           <h:form id="nuovoCommentoFrm">
                          <h:panelGrid columns="3">
                               <h:outputText value="Control code*" />
                               <h:panelGrid id="pgCaptcha" columns="1">
                                    <h:graphicImage value="/seam/resource/captcha?f=#{currentDate.time}" />
                                    <h:inputText id="verifyCaptcha" value="#{captcha.response}" required="true">
                                         <s:validate />
                               <rich:message for="verifyCaptcha" errorClass="errorMessage"/>
                          <a:commandButton value="Add comment" action="#{articoloHelper.inserisciNuovoCommento}" reRender="pgCaptcha,nuovoCommentoFrm,frmCommenti"></a:commandButton>

      Am I wronging something?

      Even with the normal form, when the form submit is done all fields are cleared but the captcha.response one. I have seen it is a session object but I would like to clear it every time the submit is done (even from inside the submit method), is it possible?