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    Page Fragment Caching

    Tobias Hill Newbie

      Is it possible to use Page Fragment Caching (s:cache) with anything but jboss treecache? I am starting to have my doubts here ...

      I would like to use EHCache but I cannot really get it working. The seam reference is really brief on the page fragment caching subject. Equally breif is the example collection. None (except for the Wiki) of the seam examples uses page fragment caching together with EHCache. In the Wiki example it really seems like a special solution, like a reminder of the hack Christian Bauer initially made here JBSEAM-1891.

      So, anyone who got Page Fragment Cache working with EHCache in 2.1.0+ ... without using Treecache? Please give me a few lines of your code and I'll be very very thankful.