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    Multi-module seam application, decision problems

    Erdem Agaoglu Newbie

      Hi all,

      We're about to start working on a project which will compose of 8-10 different subjects. While some of those subjects are closely related, some of them are not. So we have decided to develop these subjects as ejb-war pairs and put them into the same ear. That way, we are planning to be able to develop/maintain these applications easier by distributing the develop/maintain processes and be able to use them in parts (while one user uses 3 of them other may use 5). The first question is, is putting 8-10 ejb-war pairs into same ear a better approach compared to different ears or just one huge ejb-war pair?

      If it is correct to have different modules or ears here comes the second question. Since these applications will probably be used as a-few-together or maybe as whole, we're going to need some kind of an SSO solution. I tried JbossSSO with no luck and OpenSSO seemed somewhat complicated especially on JbossAS. Applications will run in the same domain so I am thinking of a simple ejb app which will record user's id with her domain based session id and distribute this information to applications. Is this a viable solution? Are there any concerns that i might be overlooking?

      Any idea you can give is greatly appreciated.