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    Rodolfo Silva

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      |Hello How are you, my doubt is the following one: I need to export one rich:datatable
      `to pdf in a similar way to since(as,like) there is done for excel that is served for any datatable, Not of that way it to do that bookshop to use or since(as) I must form the xml I have tried to do it with itext but to do it generically.
      Muchisimas thank you You Forgive for my draft I am Colombian and my Englishman(English) is not very good.
      It(He,She) is very important.
      Something as this but for PDF:
      < h:commandLink value = " To export excel " action = " * {org.jboss.seam.excel.excelExporter.export ('filtroGral:datatable')} " rendered = " {instituciones.rowCount> 0} " />
      Thank you very much.`