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    seam, richfaces pickList and equals

    Tony Herstell Master

      This was simple....

      <rich:pickList value="#{event.sponsorDetails.sponsors}"> 
           <s:selectItems value="#{availableUsers}" var="eachUser" label="#{eachUser.surname} , #{eachUser.firstname}"/>

      Or so I thought...

          private List<User> availableUsers = new ArrayList<User>();

              /* (non-Javadoc)
            * @see nz.co.selwynequestriancentre.action.eventsManagement.EventsManagementController#findUsers()
           public void findUsers()
                if (availableUsers.isEmpty()) {
                     availableUsers = (List<User>)entityManager.createQuery("from User u order by u.surname asc").getResultList();

      simply does not cut it!

      You get a very strange error from JSF...

      Validation Error: Value is not valid

      What this eventually came to (possibly) is that you need to override the default equals method!

      Right or Wrong I used:

          public boolean equals(Object o) {
               return this.getId() == ((User)o).getId();

      This now appaered to work until I persisted the containing entity and I got a detachedEntityException.. ARGH!

      So had to add:

      List<User> sponsorsToAdd = new ArrayList<User>();
                for (User eachSponsor : this.event.getSponsorDetails().getSponsors()) {
                     sponsorsToAdd.add(entityManager.merge(eachSponsor)); // Re-Attach the Sponsor object.

      This seems a very big workaround to get this to work... is this kind of feature being addressed in JSF2?

      As I have not actually persisted this yet due to other problems I still have not seen this work, but feel confident.