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    Non POJO support in envers?

    Francis Galiegue Newbie


      I'm currently developing a dynamic ORM based on Hibernate. In "dynamic", I mean that the data model can change in real time (adding tables, removing tables, and even altering them).

      I also need history of the "objects" (well, tables). Envers manages history, but it does using annotations, and annotations cannot apply to Hibernate's dynamic-map or dom4j modes...

      My first plan was to "reinvent the wheel" (envers) and create double mappings, one for history, one for "current versions only". But that would be kind of a waste. Also, while I can change the model on the fly (using dynamically created Hibernate Configuration and then SessionFactory objects), I can afford to lose history if a table is altered.

      Is there a plan for envers to support non pojo-based history?