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    AJAX request hanging when the response contains ISO Latin 1 characters.

    John Skillings Newbie

      Hi all,

      We are currently developing an application and out of the box we have support for multiple languages including English, French, Japanese, and German.

      The forms are all UTF-8 encoded.  Database (postgresql) is also UTF.  Configured JBoss/Tomcat for URIEncoding (UTF-8) in the Connector section.

      We also implemented a custom UTF8Filter and made the appropriate entries in  components.xml and web.xml.

      Now coming to issue, on several forms, we have Ajax requests for partial page rendering etc. (for example, our menu is  populated with labels from the database, not from the properties files).

      The urgent problem is that the application works fine with English and Japanese.  However, when the response to the Ajax request has ISO Latin 1 characters like German Umlaut or French cedilla, the Ajax request simply hangs (the spinner continues
      to spin).

      Any ideas on what the problem is and how to solve this.

      Appreciate any help.

      Best regards,