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    Reuse objects coming from an ended conversation

    alberto Gori Novice
      I have a long running conversation. This conversation produces a #{result} object. After saving it into the database I end conversation.
      After ending the conversation I redirect to a result page. Result page contains something like "Object #{result.id} of user #{result.user.name} has been saved succesfully", and also a menu operating on resulting object.

      For example I have a seam link like that:

      <s:link action="#{bean.viewItem(result.id)}">...</s:link>

      The problem is that during next request #{result} is null (because conversation ended)! So I would like to pass the #{result} object into another new conversation. This seems impossible to me.

      So I ask, What is the best practice in this common scenario?
      How can I close bean A and pass #{result} to bean B (in a new conversation)?