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    Potential Jboss\Seam bugs

    Dave Ellery Newbie
      Ok so I wanted to post this and get some feedback before it was submitted as a bug.


      1) table with 2 foreign keys to the same table e.g.    car.primary_owner_id, car.secondary_owner_id  (foreign keys to owner.owner_id)
      anyway when using the automatic seam entity generation using jboss tools it generates the CarHome.java with duplicate fields (car.owner, car.owner)  instead of somethng like car.ownerByPrimaryOwnerId and car.ownerBySecondaryOwnerId

      2) When you have a 2 tables named like the following  "car" "car_list", when jboss\seam generates all its stuff you end up with a conflicting class under the entity package, you end up with the "Car" and "CarList" entities and then under the src/hot dir and entity package you end up with "CarList" and "CarListList".