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    How seam-gen remembers current project?

    philip andrew Newbie


      I'm using seam-gen to generate my project as per the getting started

      I don't understand how or why it remembers what my current project is.

      For example, I am in my projects directory /projects and create a new seam-gen project here, I created one called artawardscheme, then I want to get into the cycle of change the database and update the JPA by running seam generate-entities.
      I can run it from my /projects directory?! How does it know what project is my current project?
      If I create a new project, then run that seam generate-entities from my /projects dir, its going to use the new project.

      How can I tell seam to use one project or another? Do I just need to go into the project directory /projects/artawardscheme to run my seam generate-entities and it will use that project?