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    problem with long running methods

    Imanol Studer Newbie

      i've got some methods in my application, that can run for a very long time (a few hours) and they're also called simultaneously. They need access to the entitymanager and transactions and to some application scoped seam beans. the problem is, if i make this methods in a stateful session bean, i get concurrent access errors. I can't add the @Synchronized annotation, because they have to be called simultaneously. so i thought to implement them in a stateless session bean. but if a process runs for a long time, i get ClassNotFoundExceptions when i try to access the injected application scoped beans.

      The Implementation of these method have to accomplish the following properties:
      -Simultaneous calls
      -No ClassNotFoundExceptions after running a long time and accessing injected beans
      -Access to the EntityManager and use of it's transactions. (start, commit, rollback)

      I'd be really happy if someone could help me