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    JSFUnit the easy way!  Need alpha testers

    Stan Silvert Master

      Hi all,

      I've just committed the new JSFUnit deployer for JBoss AS 5. This makes it super-easy to run JSFUnit tests. You don't even need to change your WAR!

      Here are the instructions:

      1. Copy jboss-jsfunit-microdeployer.jar to <jboss home>/server/default/deployers
      2. Rename your war with a "-jsfunit" suffix (such as "mywar-jsfunit.war")
      3. Add your test classes to the WAR or put them in <jboss home>/server/default/jsfunitTests
      4. Restart JBoss AS 5 and run your tests.

      More details and configuration options can be found at http://wiki.jboss.org/wiki/JSFUnitWithASMicrocontainer

      I'd love to get some feedback from alpha testers. I really think this is a big leap forward in usability for JSFUnit.