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    EL evaluated even in comment

    christophe delarue Newbie
      Hi boys,

      I encouter an strange behaviour. I've this kind of code :
        <a href="synthese.xhtml">Créer un devis</a>
        <!--  <h:form> -->
        <!--     <h:commandLink action="#{accueilAction.devisAction}" value="Créer un devis" /> -->
        <!-- </h:form>  -->                   

      during the page display by the Facelet Renderer, I've got :
      2009-01-29 10:34:41,180 ERROR [STDERR] 29 janv. 2009 10:34:41 com.sun.facelets.FaceletViewHandler handleRenderException
      GRAVE: Error Rendering View[/accueil.xhtml]
      javax.el.PropertyNotFoundException: Property 'devisAction'

      Once I delete the code in comment, no error raises. That means that the code in comment is *evaluated* !

      what is this strange behaviour where comments may have influence on the code  ?


      PS: I am quite newbie to java